Pineapple Jobs Anexpertise is a top staffing firm in India. It offers simple and cost-effective services to its clients, and has a rich experience in industries such as Information Technology, Medical Industry. Around the time startup boom had hit India with scores of e-commerce websites going live; these startups had great business ideas and all they needed were the right people to execute those ideas.
Identifying this need gap, we had the first mover advantage in the talent acquisition market for startups. What sets us apart?
To start with, our indomitable team coupled with the best of technology is a combination that you won’t find anywhere else. Our exhaustive database is the result of years of relentless work put in by our team. We also believe that the awesome work culture at JobsExpertise is why our people deliver good work, every single day. Well, we are here to change the way people perceive HR. That it is boring, bland and only a support function is far from reality.