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About Aptitude/Logical

An aptitude test is an exam used to determine an individual's propensity to succeed in a given activity. Aptitude tests assume that individuals have inherent strengths and weaknesses, and are naturally inclined toward success or failure in certain areas based on their innate characteristics. An aptitude test is a systematic means of testing a job candidate's abilities to perform specific tasks and react to a range of different situations. The tests each have a standardised method of administration and scoring, with the results quantified and compared with all other test takers.

What You Will Learn

This course will help you in understanding all the concepts related to Quantitative Aptitude to solve questions with better speed and accuracy

This course is aimed at providing formulae, theorems, solved examples, shortcuts, tips and tricks for solving questions in any Competitive Examination or for Screening Tests in Job Interviews


Quantitative Aptitude course is a must for any graduate-level student looking for a career in Finance, Marketing, Analytics, Statistics or Engineering. This course is about studying variety of topics such as Algebra, Arithmetic, Time, Work, Probability, Permutations, Financial Mathematics and Geometry for acquiring Aptitude and Analytical skills.

    Who should take the course

This course is intended for anyone who wishes to acquire Aptitude Skills for clearing any Competitive Examination or Job Screening Tests. Basic background of studying Mathematics till High School is sufficient to grasp the contents of the course

Curriculum For This Course

Introduction to Number Systems

Integers and Prime Numbers

Rational and Irrational Numbers

Other Base Numeration Systems

Complex Numbers and Factorials

Cyclicity and Divisibility

Factors and Remainders

Remainder Theorem

HCF and Models

LCM and Models

Linear Equations

Quadratic Equations

Higher Degree Equations

Introduction to Ratios

Proportions and Variations

Arithmetic Progressions

Geometric Progressions

Harmonic Progressions and AGPs

Understanding Mixtures

Understanding Alligations

Simple and Compound Interest

Compounding Intervals and Present Value

Introduction to Profit and Loss


Introductory Statistics

Understanding Clocks

Understanding Calendars

Understanding Work

Pipes and Cisterns

Understanding Permutations and Combinations

Linear Permutations and Basic Concepts

Circular Permutations and Advanced Concepts

Introduction to Probability

Conditional Probability


Average and Relative Speeds


Boats, Streams and Escalators

Circular Tracks

Cuboid, Cube and Cone

Cylinder, Sphere and Hemisphere

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